Leadership Boardroom

OK. Well – not exactly.

We have better Lighting.

Our Leadership Team.

We believe passion is essential to what we do and who we are. We genuinely care about our people, products and customers and are building a company that inspires people to do great things together.

Chris Loranger
Co-founder & CEO

[Alter ego: Luke Skywalker]

I grew up in Earlton, Ontario where the cow population on our farm outnumbered the folks in town. It was character-building for sure but I longed to be around great, like-minded individuals who could enjoy a challenge together.

From this, Plexxis was born and continues to flourish with a culture that thrives on leading and driving change in the construction industry.

Jason Fraser
Co-founder & COO

[Alter ego: Han Solo]

I spent much of youth moving around but eventually settled in Englehart ON where I worked on farms and construction sites. Needing a challenging hobby, I picked up repairing old Hondas which remains to this day, a great way to escape. Armed with a growing set of skills and hunger to keep learning, Chris and I co-founded Plexxis – a perfect match for someone who could bring a “Swiss Army Knife set of tools when our fledgling company could afford very little.

Robin Schleien
Chief Strategy Officer

[Alter ego: Yoda]

There is no greater joy than sharing some of the learning gathered over a career spent in Canada and the US. Most gratifying, is the opportunity to work alongside so many people who have an unquenchable thirst to constantly improve and use all the tools at their disposal to lead and never follow the easy path. This, coupled with a genuine collaborative culture is the Plexxis winning [secret] sauce!

Chad Pearson
Director Business Development

[Alter ego: Obi-Wan Kenobi]

Since I was 8 years, old I have been fortunate enough to be a part of exceptional teams who performed at the highest levels in amateur sport, professional sport, business and law enforcement.

After all those years, Plexxis is, by far, the greatest team I have ever worked with. We make each other better every day and overcome every challenge we face so it comes as no surprise we’re the best in the world at what we do.

Jennifer Mitchell
Director, Client Advisory Services

[Alter ego: Princess Leia]

Having young children at home and a demanding work life can often leave a person searching for work/life balance; not here. I am surrounded by the most supportive bunch of people who work hard to make everything at Plexxis enjoyable. Whether I am working away from the family in the US, grinding it out at the office, or shooting hoops at lunch I feel surrounded by the MOST fantastic and supportive (work) family at all times. The supportive work culture we have here at Plexxis is next to none.

Eric Nguyen
Corporate Counsel & Director, HR

[Alter ego: Chirrut Imwe]

The force is strong in my family … having escaped the wrath of Lord Ho in 1981, my family fled Vietnam for freedom and landed in Canada. The force led me to train and graduate from Osgoode Hall Jedi Academy, and eventually connect with young Chris Loranger with his fledgling company.

There is never a dull moment at Plexxis as I am surrounded by the best Jedi Masters and Padawans eager to learn.