Our Core Values.
Defining the soul of Plexxis.

At the heart of everything we do are our Core Values – the principles that we are passionately committed to. They guide how we work, play and problem solve together.

Promote Positive Team Spirit

We actively and selflessly seek out opportunities to share our most precious assets with colleagues: our time, our knowledge, and our experience

At Plexxis, everyone is encouraged to voice their opinions and give suggestions. We consider that each of our team member brings something unique to Plexxis which helps us become a stronger organization. In my years here, I’ve never felt that I was just an employee or a number, but a valued member of an organization where I am respected and my opinions matter and my well-being comes first.

Roshan Royan
Implementation Specialist

Build Open & Honest Relationships

We actively and selflessly seek out opportunities to share our most precious assets with colleagues: our time, our knowledge, and our experience

The client relationship starts with open and honest communication. The end goal is to make something world class that is ideal for their workflow and for them to know we are with them every step of the way.

Tim Nighbor
Product Manager, Client Services

Relentlessly Pursue Excellence

We never settle for “good enough” because “good” is the enemy of great. We never follow: We lead through relentless innovation and an unquenchable thirst to delight, surprise, and exceed what is expected.

Being a part of the Plexxis Team for over 10 Years, I can honestly say that every person here regularly strives to be the very best possible version of themselves. We don’t just say that we want to be better. We work very hard every single day to truly be the best at what we do. Actions speak louder than words, and our actions resonate throughout the office!

Ana Laura Pombo
Client Services

Be Passionate & Determined

We proudly demonstrate our passion and determination. We are positive about everything we do and inspire others to share our enthusiasm and optimistic attitude.

Talent is important but not nearly as important as attitude, character and enthusiasm. I see this every day in people at Plexxis. Our attitude sets us apart. Our character is why people trust us and our enthusiasm is why we enjoy the mission so much despite the challenges of being the best in the world at what we do.

Chad Pearson
Director, Business Development

Embrace Change

We embrace change as the lifeblood of being great. We love to observe, learn, and adapt.

Technology is always changing, and in the years I’ve worked here, we have led the industry to keep pace with that change. From Project Management , Accounting, Estimation, and the Field we’re providing our clients the tools they need to be successful.

Ahad Habibulla
Technical Software Support Manager


We coach in the spirit of constant learning, improvement, and individual advancement. We believe that we should contribute to every individual achieving their greatest potential.

The appetite here at Plexxis to learn, develop and grow both professionally and personally is extraordinary. It’s been my experience (and gray hair suggests more than a few rodeos), that too often, people don’t ask for coaching in fear of appearing weak. Our culture is quite the opposite: No barriers to mentoring at any level at any time.

Robin Schleien
Chief Strategy Officer (Yoda)

Be Accountable

We hold ourselves personally accountable to accomplishing our business goals and delivering the highest levels of quality in everything we do.

As a previous business owner I have always believed in the saying “ The buck stops here!” At Plexxis I am given the comfort in knowing that even though I hold myself personally accountable to all I do, I have a complete team of professionals who I can rely on when delivering on all of my responsibilities.

Mike Stephens
Manager, Support Services

Be Helpful & Supportive

We actively and selflessly seek out opportunities to share our most precious assets with colleagues: our time, our knowledge, and our experience.

Being a new Plexxis team member I have found everyone very open to share what they know, from the smallest to the biggest concepts. By sharing and mentoring we all learn and grow each day and this allows us to better ourselves, our products and our customers. This doesn’t extend solely to new hires, I see a global mentoring attitude here at Plexxis and it’s fantastic!

Tammie Krick
Client Advisory Specialist